Revolutionary shape, superior texture and striking design. Move your game forward with our line of advanced grips designed to make your round better from the first tee shot all the way to the last putt.


Revolutionizes the design of putter grips, placing more grip material above the shaft. The unique shape places the hands in the ideal position, uniting the arms, hands and putter and creating a more balanced and consistent stroke.


Our design is backed by Wisdom in Golf’s Shawn Clement, who called it the best putting grip he’s ever used.

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“This might be the most natural feeling grip I have ever put in my hand . . . ”


  • The midsize putter grip is wonderful.  Just the right size.  (Arizona, US)


  • I feel much more comfortable holding a putter than ever before. The wrists don’t break during the putting stroke, even when I grip the club lightly and I believe this will give me more feel and touch as I use it even more. Most importantly, I strike on or close to the sweet spot of my putter more consistently regardless of the length of the putt. In short, I love this grip and finally feel I am completely set with my putter. (read full review)


  • Love my new Forward grip – used it for the 1st time at the simulator this week on a Ping Ketsch and my aim was bang on all night.


  • The Forward Golf putter grip is great!

    Zach Boychuk
    KHL Hockey Player & Former NHL Player


  • Absolutely the best putter grip on the market. I won’t use anything else.


  • We tried the Forward Golf putter grip and we love it! MLAgolf.com


  • I finally got some time at the putting green to give this grip a go. I really like shape of this grip. However, the best thing about it is the under layer. It isn’t squishy like the SS or similar grips. The stiffness helps me get comfortable with light grip pressure which allowed me to make a consistent, confident stroke.  I have been working on three things lately; swing path, squaring the club face, and distance control. I think the grip helped with the first two and making consistent, confident strokes will help with the third.  The only con I have is the amount of effort it took to get on. [installation at a golf store/shop recommended as the grip is designed to fit very tightly on the putter shaft]  I think you guys have a great product.  (Texas, USA)


  • I have installed/used big grips, small grips, round grips, long and short grips and now the FORWARD GOLF PUTTER GRIP. The Forward grip is still on my putter and it’s not going anywhere. It wasn’t an immediate improvement, it was like getting comfortable in your favorite chair. The progression has been impressive and this is coming from a guy who was never much of a master of the flat stick. Taken 4 to 6 strokes per round off my score in the four months since installing THE FORWARD GOLF PUTTER GRIP. Try it yourself, you will never go back.  (Iowa, USA)


  • This is my 3rd Foward putter grip!  I’m getting a new putter next month and want this grip on straight away! One is already on my Ping putter, the other I got for my Dad – and he loves his. Great design, great feel, lovin it! There has been a step change in my putting.  (U.K.)


  • Ordered mine a week ago and love it. Sure feels good in my hands.  (Texas, USA)


  • After seeing the review on you tube, I thought I need one of these . I removed the grip on my Titleist putter and never looked back. The grip allows for soft hands and the forward grip makes the putting stroke more relaxed. I feel I am putting now with more confidence.  A good purchase.  (Australia)


    Con Raas
  • I really like it! Way better control of pace with my stroke and I can hit it dead in the sweet spot nearly every time, even on long putts when it is harder to control.  (Toronto, Canada)


  • This grip is excellent. It has a great feel and places your hands in the correct position, which allows you to produce a smooth stroke without trying to manipulate the club head. Don’t tell my regular Saturday group about it…  (Illinois, USA)


  • It’s better than the SuperStroke.  (CPGA Head Instructor)


    Paul Davies
  • My hands definitely remain quiet and relaxed throughout the act of the putting stroke and more to the point, there is something to be said for the ‘Deep Rounded V Shape’.  It works.  (Professional Golfer and Golf Blogger)


    Alex Toth
  • I’ve had the Forward Golf grip for a couple of weeks and I love it.  I really like the tackiness and the way it tapers.  My season is going to be cranking up in a few weeks and I’m definitely confident with the Forward grip on the putter!  (USPGA, Professional Golfer)


    Brett Honeycutt
  • I like the tackiness. I like the shape. It is professionally made. Worth a go in my book if you are looking for a new putting sensation on the greens.


    Neucrue Golf
  • Forward Golf has designed an oversized putter grip that simply fits in your hands more naturally than other oversized grips . . . Simply put, the Forward grip gives me that “feel” I’ve been looking for while keeping my hands nice and relaxed . . . and wouldn’t you know it, my first round with the new Forward grip resulted in zero (ZERO!) three-putts.  (Golficity, Golf Writer)


    Kris McEwen
  • The tapered design did mean that I could get a comfortable grip in my right hand and the wider part of the grip offered me light but firm pressure to be applied to the left hand, which did automatically give me less tension in my hands and forearms.


    Obsessive Golfer
  • wisdom in golf logo
    The best grip I have ever putted with, bar none!  Shawn Clement, CPGA Class “A” Teaching Professional (Founder of Wisdom in golf YouTube instruction channel with over 27 million views)


  • thelocalgolfer
    Played my first 9 holes of the season today with my new Forward putter grip.  Outstanding feel – better than the hype!  Keith Cook, Golf Writer – The Local Golfer


  • I predict that these grips will be played by the masses in the near future.  Once you try them they will stay on your clubs!  READ FULL REVIEW


    Go Time Golf
  • This grip is awesome! I love the way the “grip forward design” feels in my hands. It definitely helps me stay over the ball and gives me access to see down my intended line. The ball tracks nicely toward the hole. I only had 29 putts the first time I ever used it!  The Weekend Golfer (California, USA)


  • Just got my grip! I haven’t even put it on my club yet, and I already love it! It feels amazing in the hands! Perfect fit for me!


  • My putter grip is really good and I’m glad that I bought it! It was a super stroke grip that I originally had on my putter. (U.K.)


  • This grip is amazing! I was hesitant to put a new grip on my putter as was putting well before I switched, but now that I have switched have never putt so well! Short putts feel almost automatic and has greatly improved my distance control with long lags. Couldn’t be happier! (Toronto, Canada)


  • Great design puts the putter where it needs to be in your hands, so you can put the ball where it needs to be, in the hole. Superb product. (San Diego, USA)


  • I really like it. It fits in my hands well and it seems that my putting stroke is more steady and straighter than before. Thanks. Great product. (Florida, USA)


  • Purchased and installed it yesterday and played one round of golf. It works great! (Toronto, Canada)


  • Just installed one on my Scotty Cameron Golo3. Best grip for the putter I have ever used. (Ontario, Canada)




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