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“Grip Forward Technology. Basically that boils down to putting more of the grip material at the front of the shaft and making the arms and putter shaft line up into a ‘single unit’ during the putting stroke.”

National Club Golfer

“I was amazed at how natural the grip feels during the stroke. I felt far more solid during the stroke and my arms and putter felt like they had become one – a truly excellent product!”


“Once I tried the Forward Golf putter grip I knew I had something that would help a lot of golfers putt better . . . ” READ FULL REVIEW

Josh Nahm, Director of Instruction, Firekeeper Golf Course
Top 25 Elite Junior Coach in USA, 2015

“I predict that these grips will be played by the masses in the near future.  Once you try them they will stay on your clubs!” READ FULL REVIEW

Go Time Golf

“Forward Golf has designed an oversized putter grip that simply fits in your hands more naturally than other oversized grips . . . Simply put, the Forward grip gives me that “feel” I’ve been looking for while keeping my hands nice and relaxed . . . and wouldn’t you know it, my first round with the new Forward grip resulted in zero (ZERO!) three-putts.”

Kris McEwen
Golf Writer

“The ‘V’ shape works in conjunction with Forward Golf’s ‘Grip Forward Technology’ and the taper, making it almost impossible to break the wrist during the putting strike . . . ” READ FULL REVIEW

The Golf Ball Guy Blog

“I have rolled a bunch of putts with the Forward Golf putter grip and I really like the way it allows you hands to sit on the grip with very little tension . . . ” READ FULL REVIEW

Mike Hallee
Golf Writer

“I like the grip material…it allows your skin to just kind of wrap into it…” LISTEN TO RADIO SHOW CLIP

Danielle Tucker
Golf Club Radio Show